The Anello Next 2 Me EP

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The Anello Next 2 Me EP The Anello is announcing their highly anticipated Next 2 Me EP. The EP Release Party will be held August 29th at Hidden Agenda Hong Kong. The first single and title track will be released along with a music video shot by Derrick Fong of the New York Film Academy.In the last year the band has toured China, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Third Culture hailed them as one of the top 5 international indie bands to listen to and they have been featured artists as part of Inspire Me With, an Arts website which interviews inspirational creatives. In May, The Anello gave a special presentation for TEDx incorporating their musical style with a positive message about empowerment.Supporting Acts:GDJYB 鸡蛋蒸肉饼Re:FlexDelf
Ticketing:-Early Bird (Jul 22,09:00AM to Aug 17,11:00PM)VIP - includes EP, T-shirt and drinks
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